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Transnational Social Policy

What we do

The working group aims to establish an interdisciplinary and international forum of scholars to explore the changing face of social policy and social work against the background of accelerating transnationalization of economics, labour markets, education, and care within an increasingly asymmetrical global context. It is the overall goal to analyze the impact of border-crossing activities of policy-makers and academics, of migrants and refugees, of welfare knowledge and models on social policy, human services, and social work practice. Particularly we pursue four goals:

  1. to deepen our understanding of the transnational exchange of knowledge on health and welfare arrangements, policy and program issues in a wide range of socio-economic and political contexts;
  2. to explore the changing meaning and function of national welfare states, and the emerging power of trans- and international actors in promoting policy and service directions (e.g. corporations, OECD);
  3. to understand the potential and constraints of institutions, political procedures and social processes that lie outside the control of a single nation-state;
  4. to discuss practical implications for social policy and social work toward the formulation of innovative forms of collective action to promote social support in transnational contexts.




Sofia An
Lucia Artner
Adrienne Chambon
Luann Good Gingrich
Stefan Köngeter
Ernie Lightman
Wolfgang Schröer
Eberhard Raithelhuber