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RE-VISITS: Home, tourism and family in a transnational perspective

Who we are

The working group “RE-VISITS: Home, tourism and family in a transnational perspective” consists of academics and researchers from various parts of the world (Australia, Germany, UK, US) who are working in the interface of diaspora and return migration; the second generation and ethnicity; home and belonging; embodiment, transnational parenting and social relations. The group teamed up within the context of the interdisciplinary expert workshop “Migration and visits “back home””, held at the University of Mainz/Germany in 2015, where members shared their deep knowledge by giving inputs and insides into parts of their research agendas and by identifying blind spots for future research.

What we are up to

Transnational studies have revealed the manifold linkages of migrants to their country of origin (and other countries). However, research on visits and trips by migrants to their countries of origin is just at its beginning. Nevertheless, research findings point out the multifoldness of this phenomenon – not only with regard to different types of migration, but also with regard to the reasons of and meanings for the actors involved and the various challenges they face. Until now the different strands of research remain selective and internationally scattered with separate strands that are hardly connected to each other.

The working group “RE-VISITS: Home, tourism and family in a transnational perspective” provides an exploratory space for researchers interested in the manifold ways of meanings and practices of re-visits by focusing them under a transnational research approach. It aims at bringing together international academics to further an interdisciplinary and international dialogue in this field and connect existing approaches and findings from research by focusing on questions such as:

  • Who travels when, how often, why and in which constellations?
  • Who meets in the “contact zone” during these trips?
  • What are the social and economic implications of re-visits? What impact does, for example, roots tourisms have in this regard?
  • What challenges do actors face when they travel back home? How do they cope with them?
  • What impact do different types of migration have on the character of visits?
  • What are the main activities during visits?


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