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Transnational Knowledge

Who we are

The research group “Transnational Knowledge” consists of academics and researchers which work in the area of transnationally framed knowledge production. We bring together the various perspectives of sociologists, pedagogues, linguists, historians, cultural anthropologists, literary scholars etc. to develop a common understanding of concepts of transnational knowledge. The working group unifies different researchers discussing specific notions of the topic, e.g. knowledge production or translational processes. We look back on common publications and conferences which raise questions on production, transformation and reception of knowledge in transnational contexts. We aim at fruitful discussions on our empirical findings and theoretical thoughts related to our topic.

What we do

Increasingly the production and transformation of knowledge takes place in global arenas and is framed by cross-border processes. Though there has been a wide range of ‘transnational studies’ in social sciences since the early 1990ies, the role of knowledge in transnational settings has been largely unattended. At the same time we see, that theories of knowledge help us gain a better understanding of the transnational phenomena we meet in our empirical data (Bender et al. 2013; Köngeter 2012; Spiegel 2007). The discussion on transnational knowledge leads us to various questions such as:

  • What does ‘transnational’ knowledge mean? What is captured by the term?
  • How can we collect and reconstruct data on transnational knowledge? To which methods and methodology can we go back researching the phenomenon?

  • What are contexts of transnational knowledge production?

  • Who takes part in those production processes?

  • How is transnational knowledge transferred and translated from one person/place/social space etc. to another?

Even though the group started their work from a social work perspective, we learned that an interdisciplinary approach is much more fruitful to explore and develop concepts on transnational social work in their complex manner. Today our network consists and is open for researchers from diverse disciplines, places and status groups who enrich our ongoing and productive discussions.

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