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New Special Interest Group Transnational Social Work (TRANSOW) within ESWRA

Transnational social work significantly challenges social work research. It raises the question of how transnational phenomena and processes can be captured empirically. It requires a reflexive turn with regard to concepts, methodologies and methods to overcome the established link between nation state and social work, and to pave the way for the description and analysis of social work realities beyond national borders.

The new established Special Interest Group Transnational Social Work (TRANSOW) in the context of the European Conference for Social Work Research (ESWRA) will bring together scholars to discuss the challenges for social work of an increasing transnational world. Conveners are Dr. Claudia Olivier-Mensah, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schröer and Prof. Dr. Cornelia Schweppe.

If this research area is of interest to you, email: to join the new Transnational Social Work (TRANSOW) Special Interest Group (SIG). SIGs enable networking, coordinated activities and discussion around particular research issues within ESWRA.

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