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Wendy Smith

Independent Researcher

Activities within TRANSSOS:
Member Research Training Group
Editor in Chief of TSR
Working Group "Religion and Transnational Social Support"

Research Interests

  • Transnational Asian New Religious Movements
  • Social Protection and Islam
  • Obesity and Ethnic Food Habits
  • Japanese Management Transfer
  • Managing Religious Diversity
  • Career Outcomes for Asian International Students in Australia


  • "New Religions as Global Organizations: managerial structure and strategy in the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU)" (2001)
  • "Global Tertiary Education – the Impact of Monash Alumni on Malaysian National Development" (2004)
  • "Social Science education, research, capabilities and managing diversity in multicultural societies: Malaysian and Australian collaborations, connections and comparisons" (2006)
  • "Beliefs Beyond Borders: Conversion, contemporary pilgrimage and the transport of faith in the early 21st century" (2008)
  • "Diversity and Social Protection among Turkish Residents in Germany and Australia" (2008-9)
  • "The Malaysian Food Barometer Study (MFBS) – ethnic food habits and their transformations in Malaysia" (2013)


Academic Qualifications

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Monash University, Department of Anthropology and Sociology (1996)

Employment History

  • Visiting Professor, Gervinus Fellowship, University of Hildesheim, Institute for Social Sciences, Germany (2009)
  • Director, Centre for Malaysian Studies, Monash Asia Institute (1998-2014)
  • Senior Lecturer, Department of Management, Monash University (1999-2014)
  • Lecturer/ Senior Lecturer, Department of Japanese Studies, Monash University (1995-8)
  • Lecturer, Department of Management and Marketing, University of Melbourne (1993-4)


Wendy Smith