Transnational Social Review

Transnational Social Review - A Social Work Journal (TSR) offers an international forum to discuss social work and related disciplines from a transnational perspective. It responds to the challenges of the increasing impact of transnational developments and structures upon social work.

TSR is a path-breaking journal that aims at the transnational opening and development of social work and related fields. Its main objective is to open perspectives for making the concept of transnationalism part of the knowledge structure and practice, in order to extend and transform the legitimation, concepts, research, and methods which to date are primarily nationally-focused.

Due to increasing border crossings of people, as well as political, social and cultural influence of transnational organizations and networks nation states and their key institutions are losing their importance, as these social flows transcend national borders and connect formerly different social worlds together. Social work and other support systems are highly influenced by these border crossing developments. However, so far social work is just beginning to systematically reflect and study them.

TSR is available online as well as in print. Each issue consists of a cluster of articles on a focus topic, as well as general articles and book reviews. Additionally, it includes the non-peer-reviewed section “Mapping Transnationalism”, which consists of brief, up-to-date reports on research, teaching, social policies, and practices concerning the transnational worlds of social work. In order to engage with actors from various parts of the world, we invite researchers, policy makers, practitioners, and doctoral students to contribute to this section of the journal with short reports to discuss recent developments of transnational phenomena and of transnational studies. We welcome a variety of formats, including: research reports; conference reports; interviews with activists and politicians; portraits of transnational organizations, and social movements; reports on transnational practices and policies as well as opinion pieces. Therefore, TSR aims at a wide audience, including academics, practitioners and politicians.

TSR was founded in 2010 by an international team of editors and board members. From 2014 TSR is published by Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group. It is published three times a year.

All research articles to this journal have undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymized refereeing by at least two anonymous and independent reviewers.

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