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Transnational Aging

Who we are

The working group “transnational aging” is a network of academics which is interested in investigating aging and old age in transnational contexts and the social challenges this involves. With “Transnational Aging” we refer to the processes of organising, shaping, and coping with life in old age in contexts which are not limited to the frame of a single nation state. Transnational aging is growing in relevance especially due to two broader tendencies: the increasing economic, technological and health-related possibilities for older people to develop or maintain lifestyles and identities across the boundaries of different countries on the one hand; and the changed needs for nursing and care in old age due to longer lifetimes on the other hand. As national, social and political responses have been insufficient so far, efforts to address these changing needs increasingly result in transnational practices and processes.

Transnational aging covers multiple, often interlinked dimensions:

  • 1. The micro level of everyday life, biographical projects and identities of the elderly: How can transnational life-worlds of old age be described? What challenges do old people face? In what way does the transnational context open up or restrict courses of action? How is old age changing as everyday life becomes transnationalized?
  • 2. The meso level of social services and organizations for old people with the corresponding questions of: How are social services and organizations challenged by transnational processes of aging? How are they reacting to these challenges? How is their organizational and conceptual framework changing? And finally, how are networks of elderly people connected across borders?
  • 3. The macro level of social institutions, on which social policy and the development of the welfare state are particularly challenged: How does transnational aging challenge migration policy, social policy and welfare policy? How is social policy responding to transnational aging? What kinds of transnational openings for instance of social security systems can be observed? What are the consequences – with a special focus on social work?

What we are up to

  • Promote and carry collaborative research projects in the field of transnational aging
  • Build a platform for knowledge exchange through conferences and publications
  • Linking interested academics in the field of transnational aging

We invite scholars from different disciplines and countries who are interested in “Transnational Aging” to join us and to become part of this network. Please do not hesitate to contact us!











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