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Research Program

In view of global developments, the future challenges faced by social support can no longer be met by relationships and structures of support that are limited to individual nations or societies. Therefore, the Research Training Group, funded from 2008 - 2017 by the German Research Foundation, was geared towards empirical research on Transnational Social Support. In existing research on social support, transnational constellations have received very little scholarly attention.

During the first funding period (2008-2012) the Research Training Group concentrated on challenges and support processes in the context of transmigration and the framing and initiation of social support by transnational organisations. These research fields were explored with respect to three primary research areas: “Transnational Family Care”, “Transnational Networks”, and “Transnational Professional Support”. Pursuing the research on social support, these research areas were studied with respect to social processes and constellations fostering people’s agency.

Please find the Research Programme of this funding period here.

In the second funding period (2012-2017) the focus of the research programme shifted to the level of transnational everyday lives with everyday social support and social services as the main subjects of research. Accordingly research is carried out in the fields of “Family Care”, “Community-based Social Support”, and “Social Security and Intervention”. Questions regarding the transnationalization of family care arrangements and social services are addressed as well as questions regarding the social regulation of transnational support configurations and the transnational production of knowledge on social intervention.

Please find the Research Programme of the second funding period here.