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PhD Students

Lisa Albrecht

Educational Sciences
Research Interests: The body as a construction and concept, body knowledge and discourses

Agnetha Bartels

Social and Organizational Pedagogy
Research Interests: International Development and Cooperation, Transnationalism, Qualitative Methods

Britta Buschmann

Education/ Social Work, Social Anthropology
Research Interests: Internationality/transnationality, especially international adoption, Cultural Studies

Sitsofe Gbogbo

Public Health and Educational Science
Project Title: TRANSITION FROM ADOLESCENCE TO PARENTHOOD: Perception on contraceptive use, health seeking behaviors, challenges and coping mechanisms of teenage mothers in Ghana.

Kusuma Haklin

Psychology/Educational Sciences
Research Interests: Cultural psychology, Mental health, International migration, Qualitative Social Research

Alia Herz-Jakoby

Sociology, Applied African Studies
Research Interests: visual analysis, development cooperation/ policy/ theory, postcolonial studies

Sonja Klaus

Social and Organization Studies
Research Interests: Migration and refugees, asylum, biographic interviews and qualitative social research

Dacheri Lopez

International Relations
Research Interests: Public International Law, International Migration, European Union, Public Law, Political Science, Transnationalism

Annika Müller

Research Interests: Mobility, Migration and Elite research, Transnationalism, Qualitative research

Fanny Petermann

Cultural Anthropology/European Ethnology, Gender Studies, Art history
Research Interests: Social and discursive construction of illness, Postcolonial Studies, Transnationalism

Maria Magdalena Schube

Social Work
Research Interests: Transnationalism, Migration, Personal Relations, Networks, Narrative Interviews

Ruba Totah

Topic: Syrian Artists Experiencing Refuge in Europe
Research Interest: Sociology of Art, Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Diasporic studies, and Gender Studies.

Stefanie Visel

Political Science, Comparative Literature
Research Interests: Migration and Transnationalisation, Care Work, Labour Market Policies